• Visualizing the Future of the City/CAA Students Competition

 Judging Panel

o    Rukshan Widyalankara, President, Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA)

o    Stephen R. Hodder, MBE, President, Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

o    Peter Oborn, RIBA Vice President International

 Prize Money, Exhibition and Publicity

o    1st Place: [£2,000]

o    2nd Place: [£1,000]

o    3rd Place: [£500]

What will your city look like in 2065? Cities throughout the world are facing unprecedented changes and the United Nations predicts that by 2050 nearly 70 percent of the world’s population will be urban. We want to know how you think your city will respond to such issues as the pressures of population growth, the impact of climate change and developments in technology. How will your city capitalise on the opportunities and manage the challenges? What will the social, economic and environmental consequences be?

This competition is being organised and managed by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) on behalf of the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA), as part of the CAA 50th Anniversary and International Summit hosted by the RIBA. The aim of the competition is to highlight the diversity of challenges, opportunities and responses faced by cities throughout the world, from large nation states to small island communities. The subject of the competition has been inspired by the work of the UK Government’s Foresight Future of Cities project which has been considering the way in which some of these issues will affect the future of cities in the UK. All entries submitted to the RIBA will be featured in an exhibition to be held at the RIBA HQ in London between 15 and 18 June 2015 as part of the CAA 50th Anniversary and International Summit. The winners will be announced at the RIBA President’s Reception which will take place on 16 June 2015.

The week-long event will also include an international two-day summit on the theme of ‘Designing City Resilience’, itself inspired by the work of the Rockefeller Foundation and Arup International Development around the theme of City Resilience. 

 Competition entrants are invited to submit one single image in PDF or JPG format which should be capable of being printed at a high quality resolution at A1 size (594mm x 841mm) as well as a low resolution 72dpi version less than 1MB.  These should be in landscape format only with descriptive text that reaches 150 words only. Each submission should be uploaded to the RIBA Competitions digital entry system before 14.00hrs GMT on Tuesday 19 May 2015.  Late entries will not be accepted and the digital system will not permit uploads after the 14.00hrs deadline, so please allow sufficient time for any technical issues i.e. slow internet speed or loss of connection.

The competition is open to students of International Schools of Architecture and your submission should be accompanied by a letter from your university on headed paper. Only the selected entries from each participating School of Architecture can register and submit an entry to the final judging session.  To do so the lecturer/tutor must send a notification on University headed paper including an email address to RIBA Competitions (riba.competitions@riba.org ) no later than 17.00hrs GMT on 14 May 2015.  On the 15 May you will be sent a unique secure digital link to upload your submission, the declaration of authorship form and a Unique Registration Number (URN) to retain anonymity.

The competition client is the Commonwealth Association of Architects and the RIBA will manage and administer the process.  Queries before the submission deadline should be addressed to Emmanuelle.meunier@riba.org; queries after the submission date should be sent to riba.competitions@riba.org




Initial invitation sent to Schools of Architecture by CAA and RIBA

24 February 2015

Official Competition launch & Brief available

4 March 2015

Deadline for email addresses to be received by the RIBA to issue secure digital links to upload design entries

14 May 2015 by 17.00hrs GMT

Design Deadline for selected entries to be sent digitally to the RIBA

Tuesday 19 May 2015 by 14.00hrs GMT

Judges meet (virtually) to select winners

w/c 1 June 2015

All submitted entries to be exhibited. Material prepared for exhibition and delivered to venue

w/c 8 June 2015


15 to 18 June 2015

Conference dates

16 & 17 June 2015

Winner announced

16 June 2015

 For More Info Visit: comarchitect.org/students-competition


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