• GIfA Awards for Architecture 2015

Architecture is the most visible and public of the arts. An important function of all the Regional Institutes and the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) is to recognise and promote excellence in architecture and to create public awareness and debate on architectural issues. The awards programme is in support of these goals, and run in two stages over a two year period.

During the first stage, GIfA invites preliminary submissions, appoint and convene a panel of jurors to decide the finalists for GIfA Awards for Architecture 2015 and eligible projects to be awarded and submitted for national consideration. The GIfA Awards for Architecture are announced and made at an exhibition and gala event that takes place on Thursday 25 September 2015 at The Sheds as part of the AZA2015.
The second stage of the programme starts during 2015 with the submission of entries by the regional panels of assessors for consideration of the SAIA Award of Merit and the SAIA Award for Excellence. A national panel of jurors, convened by the SAIA president, will convene in January/ February 2016 to select the projects it wishes to inspect from the submitted entries. During the first few months of 2016 the national panel of jurors will inspect the projects in loco. The SAIA Awards of Merit and the Awards for Excellence will be announced at a national function.

The Gauteng Institute for Architecture invites members to submit entries for GiFA Awards for Architecture 2015. Eligible projects will be forwarded to the national panel of assessors for adjudication of the SAIA Award of Merit. Work may be submitted to the Region by the author or nominated by any member of the Region with the author’s, or other responsible person’s permission.
Projects that fall in an area under jurisdiction of the Gauteng Institute for Architecture, and were completed during the period 01 January 2013 to 30 May 2015, are eligible for entry to the 2015-2016 awards programme.
Please note that all the Regional Institutes are inviting entries for the awards. Members who have done work in an area outside the jurisdiction of the Gauteng Institute for Architecture should obtain (and return) entry forms from the relevant Regional Institute in which the project falls. It should be noted that in loco inspection of projects that are situated in remote areas of the Region may not be possible, and additional video material on DVD is required in order to adjudicate the project by way of a virtual inspection. The submitted project will require the presence of the project Architect (or representative thereof) during the in loco inspections.
Projects outside South Africa may be submitted to the member’s Regional Institute. It should be noted that in loco inspection of these projects may not be possible, and additional video material on DVD is required in order to adjudicate the project by way of a virtual inspection. Should such projects go forward for national adjudication, and funding is made available by the entrant to cover the costs, every effort will be made by the national panel of assessors to carry out an in loco inspection.
In order to offer equal opportunity throughout the country for members to enter projects, the guidelines apply to all Regions, and a uniform format of the call for entries, conditions for entry and the nomination / submission form has been established for use by all the Regions.
Please read and comply with the attached conditions and kindly submit all the required material in the prescribed format. Members should note that the awards are conferred on the building or project, not on the authors or client, although their names (architectural practice) appear on the certificates. Please note that all documentation must be signed by a principal of the Architectural Practice.

This award is made by to encourage and recognise good design or a noteworthy contribution in the field of architecture in Gauteng. It may be for:

1. Architectural Projects
Defined as a new building or group of buildings; a work of technological importance; the conservation, restoration and/or rehabilitation (refurbishment) of existing buildings, historic precincts or areas.
There is no restriction on the building type, use or size. It is also intended for small-scale alterations or interiors if they are of exceptional quality and contribute to the current discourse on architecture.
Although the project may contain flaws, it should be clearly identifiable as having specific attributes worthy of recognition.

2. Research or Work of Social Importance 
Defined as a work of social importance, other than a building, for which the member or architectural practice was appointed as the architect; or research in the field of architecture.

GIfA Awards Programme
February / June 2015 : Call for entries and appoint adjudication panel
30 June 2015 : Closing date for submissions
July 2015- mid August 2015: GIfA Panel convenes for selection of finalists projects, notify finalists for more information and conduct site visits
End August 2015: GIfA Panel finalise list of Award recipients & Citations 
25 September 2015: Presentation and announcement of GIfA Awards for Architecture, Exhibition Opening and Awards function at AZA2015, The Sheds, Newtown. 
27 November 2015: Submission to SAIA of GIfA Award recipients. GIfA to obtain additional awards material from award recipients where necessary.

The national stage of the awards programme is sponsored by Corobrik. All eligible entries which have received a Regional Award for Architecture are submitted for national adjudication:

1. Projects by paid up SAIA corporate members (SAIA practices) are eligible for entry.
2. Research, or a work of social importance, by a paid up SAIA member or corporate member (SAIA practice) is eligible for entry.

The national panel of assessors, appointed and convened by the president of SAIA, will consider all the submissions put forward by the regional committees. This round of national adjudicators comprises a prominent architect, an academic, an eminent person with an interest in architecture and a representative from our sponsors Corobrik (names to be advised).The national panel will decide which projects to inspect in loco and upon conclusion which projects (if any) will receive the SAIA Award of Merit and the SAIA Award for Excellence.
In simpler terms, a project may receive a regional Award for Architecture in the first phase and receive no further award, or it may be the recipient of both the regional Award for Architecture during the first year and receive a SAIA Award of Merit during the second phase of the Award programme in 2016. Only projects, research or a work of social importance which have received the SAIA Award of Merit are eligible for the SAIA Award for Excellence.

Friday, 27 November 2015 : Entries are submitted for national adjudication to SAIA by the Regional Institutes.
January/ February 2015 : National jury convenes for pre-selection of projects for in loco inspections.
February / May 2016 : Inspection of projects in loco (national jury).
September-October 2016 : Presentation and announcement of Awards of Merit and Awards for Excellence
Please note that regions are responsible for submitting the projects, required documentation, and architects of the projects, names of the regional panel and citations and recommendations to SAIA.


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