• The Lo-Fab Movement 2015 Campaign : How we build, and who builds, matters

MASS Design Group, the Boston based architecture team has launched their 2015 campaign dubbed The Lo-Fab Movement .

MASS Alan Ricks says, "How we build, and who builds, matters."

“I’m so happy I participated in this project. Because if my grandmother or sister got sick, they would come to this hospital.” 

The idea is simple.

“Lo-Fab” [Locally Fabricated] speaks to MASS’s approach to the design and building process. On every project, we highlight and scale local innovation and ideas, hire local labor, and use local materials.

This kind of architecture is making human lives better, and this is how we evaluate design integrity and the success of our projects. From our ethos, we draw a core set of principles that ensures we deliver sustainable and beautiful buildings, but also that we spread this ethos by training a growing generation of African designers and architects."

This year, their principles revolve around:

  1.   Architecture can improve lives.
  2.   Architecture must have a transcendent idea to effect systemic change.
  3.   The building process must be curated to produce dignity.

For more information visit their website and find out more at: http://www.massdesigngroup.org/lo-fab




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