Guelmim Airport / Group 3 Architects

The new Guelmim airport is integrated in an existing military infrastructure located 3km north of the city. The stakes of the project were simplicity, efficiency, environmental control and extensibility, which is a prerequisite for the durability of an airport. It is with this objective that the construction of the building was designed in 2 phases, resulting in a linear design parallel to the ...

ArchDiaries: A Walk in the Mind of Frank Gehry

Often we have to step outside our comfort zone and experience the world over. The musings of Frank Gehry led Humphrey Mumita to take a deeper exploration of the ‘Foundation Louis Vuitton’ in Paris. Through Humphrey’s detailed account, Our new series ArchDiaries curated by Peninah Mutonga takes us for a walk in the mind of Frank Gehry;

Hilton Hotel Windhoek/ Wasserfall Munting Architects

The new Hilton (Eliakim Namundjebo Plaza) Hotel in Windhoek, Namibia, forms the first phase of the proposed Freedom Square development, an 80,000m² mixed-use precinct in the heart of the capital set to transform the urban face and dynamics of the CBD.

Marrakech-Menara Airport Extension/ E2A Architecture

The International Airport of Marrakech-Menara serves international flights from and to Europe as well as domestic flights. It is located 6 km southwest of downtown city center and 7km of the Djemaa el-Fna.

Rabat-Salé Urban Infrastructure Project, Hassan II Bridge / Marc Mimram Architecture

The Rabat-Salé Infrastructure Project is part of a 6,000 hectares development of the Bouregreg Valley which aims to rehabilitate and promote the banks of the Bouregreg River to offer a pleasant place to live for the people of Rabat and Salé.

Architecture Students: Be Competitive Through Travel

Everyone can agree that today’s world is more competitive than ever before. A glance at Kenya’s business sector, you will see how many foreigners are involved in investments from Nairobi to Turkana to Kisumu. This shows that they have belief in value of what they have seen…and something big always starts by believing.

Johannesburg: The City of Gold

A city of various urban dimensions and distinguished as one of the largest urban clusters in the world. Jozi is undoubtedly the economic powerhouse of Sub-Saharan Africa with its origins made on the gold deposits lying in the Witswatersrand range of hills. The provincial capital of Gauteng has had its fair share of history from dusty miners’ town to aristocrat colonial society wrangling with ap...

Of Cities & Urban Themes: A case of Zanzibar Stone Town

The first mention of Zanzibar was in 1499 by Vasco da Gama, who wrote “came close a large island called Jangibar which is peopled by moors”. Originally ‘bar of Zangh’, a name which has Arab origins meaning ‘the coast of the black people’ became ‘Zinjbar’ and later ‘Zanjibar’.

Urban Environment: Engaging Through Travel

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page… Earnest Hemingway.