• The Epping Road Long House/ Studio MAS

Architects: Studio Mas  
Location: Epping Road, Johannesburg,  South Africa
Project Year: 2005
Photographer: Studio MAS

The Epping Road Long House is a contemporary urban home situated in Forest Town, Johannesburg which carefully takes into account factors that complete a luxury living space such as safety, comfort and privacy. One striking feature of the building is how the Architect was able to use one of the walls as the boundary wall and still not compromise on the privacy required. This façade consists of smaller windows facing the street while the directly opposite one is almost completely glazed, framing the natural canvas of the magnificent garden. Completely hidden from view, the back of the house opens onto a forest of massive trees and dense ground cover.

From The Architect:
This house attempts to complete the incomplete modernism. Its protest against modern architecture as a freestanding sculpture to be admired in monumental isolation is evident as it attempts rather to produce architecture of frontality respecting the idea of a street. 

The street is seen as the first layer and departure point. Next comes the set-back needed by the regulation – positively seen as yet another layer, followed by the elegant single flight steel stair leading to the piano-nobile. This floor contains the foyer flanked on either side by study and workshops leading to the double height dining and living zone. Separating the living area and the study/workshop areas is the strip of servant spaces of storage, cupboards, wardrobes, bookshelves and so on. Giant sliding doors from living/dining open on to a terrace of timber decking housing the swimming pool. At ground level are the garages, cellars and workshops.

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