• Architecture for Social Gain Awards 2015 is Finally Here

1 April 2015 - Entries open
30 June 2015 - Entries close
July 2015 - Adjudication process
August 2015 - Winners announced
Architecture for Social Gain Awards 2015

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Architecture has an important role to play in enabling people to learn, grow and develop themselves. Through this it has the potential to build the future success of economies and create opportunities for generations to come.

Social Gain seeks to recognise 

- Structures built within the last 4 years that are places where people can develop themselves (Built) 
- Architectural concepts that propose future learning spaces (Future) 
- Design proposals within the existing Adopt a School framework that have predefined facilities required for identified schools. (Adopt)

Construction materials are an integral part of architecture. Saint-Gobain would like to celebrate 350 years of their contribution to architecture. Africa is currently growing faster than any other continent, where societal change is dynamic and the role of architecture is critical in providing a framework for the development of social gain. As the continent develops, areas like education, training and development become vital in providing buildings to ensure an equal access for all. Innovative use of building materials is a concept that can drive African architecture through the promotion of self-reliance and limits on external dependency.

Architecture for Social Gain Awards 2015


Habitat and Materials
Contemporary architecture must respond to local conditions, existing climates, and social demands which have become imperative to creating buildings that are more process responsive and less icon driven; conflating the concepts of sociology and building. Humans are a social species and while we may live in a more cellular manner, the habitat constructed in public and community buildings contributes significantly to our evolution as a society. This interaction of urban fabric with social practices is a global phenomenon, existing in wealthy and developing societies. It is this relationship within these buildings that is under scrutiny in this Saint-Gobain Social Gain Awards programme. In addition to human performance, the innovative use of materials in the construction of these buildings also forms a part of the submission. The level of thermal, visual, security and acoustic comfort in these buildings will also be considered.



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