• KE Ochieng/SAOTA

Architects: SAOTA  
Location: Nairobi  Kenya
Project Team: Greg Truen & Teswill Sars
Project Year: 2015
Website: http://www.saota.com/

Typical of SAOTA, KE Ochieng House is a contemporary gem. It’s an almost perfect mix of earthy finishes and the clean modern lines. Its respect to the topography allows it to sit comfortably on the slope with a visual hanging pool and breathtaking views.

The house manifests in the simplest yet magnificent way spatial continuity that’s almost impossible to determine when the outdoor becomes the indoor. Its linear form allows almost all the spaces to enjoy views towards the slope with the public spaces placed above the private ones and thus enjoying the lion’s share of the view.

SAOTA have mastered overtime the art of blending their houses to the landscape and KE Ochieng is no exception; from a distance the building seems to grow seamlessly from the ground. It’s firmly rooted to the base yet still stands out as a value addition to the general landscape.


The architects simply describe the house as ‘A family home in Nairobi on a site that slopes steeply down towards a river. A series of open interconnected living spaces creates a house that allows the inhabitants to enjoy Nairobi’s mild climate.’

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