The Ecomo Home / Pietro Russo

The ecomo home is a compact home designed for modern, simple living in collaboration with nature. The design is based on basic sustainable, green design principles. The ecomo home offers a low-maintenance, modern, well-designed green housing alternative.

Malabo Basilica / Saraiva-Associados

The project for Malabo Basilica conveys values ​​such as strength, serenity, austerity and tranquility. The rectangular shaped building emerges from the ground, forming a semi-arch and rises 40 m height, culminating with a zenith opening above the altar. The Basilica can receive until 1,000 people, includes multipurpose rooms for educational activities and diocese services and a priest residence.

Riviera Apartments / Domaine Public Architects

The Riviera apartments mark a fresh look at the parti of residential design at a massive scale. It looks at reorganizing the riviera neighborhood into a small urban community that follows a public utility versus private spaces, all within the same economic scale and axis. It reveals a rather innate look at the process of apartment planning and the incorporation of gardens within the space furth...

Lalibela /BC Architects

The Ben Abeba 'rock hewn hotel rooms' project was aimed at creating a contemporary and ecologically sensitive architecture inspired by the power of expression of the historical rock hewn churches in the town of Lalibela. It’s a project that was intended to sprout out of the rocks as an extension rather than an addition.