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Join RIBA at Designing City Resilience for an international exchange of ideas designed to shape better cities.

A city’s resilience impacts on the quality of life of its citizens and the health of its economy. Stability and certainty encourage the entrepreneurship, investment and international trade essential to a city’s long-term prosperity and growth.

It is also important to recognise how the interdependence of systems, professions, vision, leadership, technology and design creativity can create cities resilient to the physical, social and economic challenges they face in a fast-changing world.

Designing City Resilience has been created to foster and support an international exchange of ideas between organisations, professions, sectors and city leaders, to bring world-class thinking to the current and future challenges faced by cities around the world.

This two-day summit brings together the key groups involved in the design and construction, development and infrastructure, city leadership and governance, insurance and finance, technology and communications of a city. It will provide the opportunity to share ideas and formulate strategies that will enabling them to recommend and implement meaningful principles to make better cities, ones capable of coping with the stresses of mass urbanisation, climate change and unexpected shocks to the system.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to:

  • Share knowledge, discover, brainstorm, learn and contribute to establishing a common understanding of designing resilient cities across sectors and disciplines.
  • Navigate through the emerging – and overwhelming – language, tools and methodologies to better understand the opportunities associated with the need for resilient cities, and explore the role that you can play.
  • Collaborate, foster new relationships, network, connect and engage with fellow professionals and future collaborators across a wide range of professions and sectors.
  • Participate in forging a better future and play your part in the development and dissemination of key recommendations that will form a roadmap for meaningful change.

When: 16 and 17 June 2015 66
Where: Portland Place, London
Website: www.designingcityresilience.com
rochure: PDF


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