• Architecture Students: Be Competitive Through Travel

Everyone can agree that today’s world is more competitive than ever before. A glance at Kenya’s business sector, you will see how many foreigners are involved in investments from Nairobi to Turkana to Kisumu. This shows that they have belief in value of what they have seen…and something big always starts by believing.

For one to be competitive in their respective profession, one has to be conversant with global trends. We are in the information age, where fortunes are made by first seeking the information, knowledge and taking action.

How does one become competitive through travel? Is it always expensive? How does one rate the returns for investing in it?

Africair Travel promotes the ‘power of presence’ meaning some things can only be learnt by physically experiencing them. The opportunity we are offering students and soon to be young professions in their respective fields is great.

We are encouraging them to be competitive by exposure to different cultures, economic systems, industrial innovations and most all meeting new people. For architecture students, it’s evident that the industry is very competitive; one needs skills and positioning.

For students in the construction industry, traveling to a new city, you are able to appreciate the planning, architecture and level of innovation in that particular destination. We have organized trips to Dubai & Abu Dhabi, where there lies an opportunity to visit two of the biggest firms in the world with one undertaking part in a mega project in Kenya…Here students are able to find out more in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

For African youths, always carry the belief that the continent is great and you are one among to effect change. Travel more for it gives you those experiences, ideas and opportunities…For instance, imagine a scenario where you are working with the mega- infrastructure designers, engineers, architects and contractors…those who design Airplanes, Ships, Oil rigs and Seaports…Think of Lappset and Turkana oil. The opportunities are there, if you have the belief!

Travel has so much to offer; one most important thing …You become better informed and competitive…As it is, we are in Information Age.

Humphrey Mumita is a graduate Architect, travel enthusiast and consultant at Africair Travelmumitahn@gmail.com


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