• Extension Labattoir College in Dzaoudzi/ Architecture Centre Network

Location: Dzaoudzi,  Mayotte
Project Team: Dominique Tessier, Romain SADOUX, GEC Engineering, BCCB, Counter Projects
Project Year: 2011
Photographer: Architecture Centre Network
Website: www.architectureandvision.com

The college began in 1995 and it accommodates 1,500 students from the small island.

The extensions to the existing buildings include a yard and garden around which the units are arranged. The design is composed of classes, CDI, the multipurpose room and the large well landscaped courtyard.

The project is such versatile in function and allows for flawless transition of functions from the inside to the outside. Visual and spatial continuity is enhanced by the courtyard as all the functions open to it.

Included, as part of the extension, is a sports field and changing rooms. These match the theme of the entire design and serves to add both visual value to the space and function as a co-curricular activities facility.

The building is built of reinforced concrete with mixed frame and steel. Its extensive roof overhangs do not just shade walkways but the windows from direct sunlight allowing for the spaces to experience low heat gains. This improves human comfort in the spaces which is ideal learning environment.

The cloister-like extension surrounds a tropical garden with a variety of endemic plants. This is not only a pleasant environment to see but also allows the spaces to be shaded from direct sun and generally improve indoor air quality

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