Datum Antique: Houari Boumedienne Agricultural Village By Ricardo Bofil Taller Architects

The experience that RBTA has gained in the construction of housing developments was called on by the Algerian government, through the agency of France, to be applied to the construction of new centres of population in semi-desert areas where agriculture was to be promoted.

Tudor Swahili Gem Apartments / Urko Sanchez Architects

Urko Sanchez Architects releases the newly completed Swahili gem in Tudor creek, a development that explores the complexities of traditional cultural extrapolations and the rigor of environmental comfort within the modern demands of aesthetics. This is a scheme that is terse but pith in the way it handles the elements that it sets out to tackle and ultimately explores the narrow and delicate el...

Lubango Centre / Promontorio

With 9-storey, the building includes residential, offices and shops served by a common access and underground parking. On the ground floor, a sheltered and cross-ventilated open gallery generates a shaded and fresh space, allowing direct access to the shop fronts, to the residential and offices lobbies, and to a small backyard coffee-shop terrace.

146 Waterkant / L+L Architects

The 146 Waterkant building by Michael Lumby and Werner Lotz from L+L Architects is the archetype of silence in architecture that speaks volumes. It is a family house in Capetown that strives to embrace te culture of contemporary conservation with tenets of varying vernacular approaches to sustainable construction and cost control.

Datum Antique: Biermann and Theron's Crasulla Duplex Apartments

KwaZulu Natal Institute of architects calls it the ” most provocative building of the decade”, an fluid  recipe  of well anticipated cuboids and forms that marry each other like they have been in love for years. This is the Crasulla Duplex apartments, an ego boost to the Durban skyline in the 1960s where Biermann and Theron stacked and stepped units in both plan and section.

Roman Ridge / Alfredo Resende Architects

In the growing city of Accra, Ghana,a new twelve-building complex captures the artistic play of facades and elegant block design. It is a development that tackles the housing menace with cost-controlled construction that targets the emerging middle class with the ground floor projected for small-scale commerce. This propels it as an exceptional residential development into an iconic project.

Riviera Apartments / Domaine Public Architects

The Riviera apartments mark a fresh look at the parti of residential design at a massive scale. It looks at reorganizing the riviera neighborhood into a small urban community that follows a public utility versus private spaces, all within the same economic scale and axis. It reveals a rather innate look at the process of apartment planning and the incorporation of gardens within the space furth...

English Point Marina/ Broadway Malyan Architects

The English point marina apartments and gated community has perhaps been in the mouths of all investors and real estate buffs for close to two years now. But what does it have to offer in the architectural scene? It is the region’s first serviced marina to cater for the luxury boating world.  English Point Marina is a contemporary development designed by Broadway Malyan, a major international ...

Glover 57 Apartments / Domaine Public Architects

Located in the suburbs of Lagos, Glover 57 Apartments are a superb manifestation of contemporary residential living. Domaine Public Architects responded to the specificities of the climate of the city and its lush landscape with a keen intent to create towering structures that prioritize views. All these features had placed the Glover 57 Apartments in the limelight with a nomination in the Worl...