• Constantine Exhibition Centre / PTW Architects

Architects: PTW Architects  
Location: Constantine,  Algeria
Interior Décor: PTW Architects
Project Year: 2015
Photographer: PTW Architects
Website: www.ptw.com.au

Africa is rising, from a slow economic downturn to a possible intimation in coming years and what better way to express that than through architecture. Algeria is preparing itself for a subtle move into one of the preeminent exhibition venues within the continent with PTW in joint venture with CCDI recently winning the second stage of a competition in Algeria to design and document the first stage for the Exhibition Centre in Constantine.

The project is to be completed in early 2015 for the Arab Arts festival to be held in Constantine, Algeria, during 2015 and places three forms within a triangular site that hurdle in into a metaphorical court, a stronghold of Arabic tenets. The design oozes of the juices of Arabic architecture, with the ever so familiar yet ever so striking lattice work (mushrabiya) toned down within this design to simple geometric shapes, redone and repeated into a mathematical undertone that speaks volumes of the cultural and economic significance of this design.

The urbane triangles, repeating in tandem and culminating into an imminent veil that restructures the public space seems to be the definitive moment within this piece of sculpture and we can only wait and see the tangible artefact on site as it begin to take shape.

From the Project Architects:
The building has a large Zenith Music hall for a maximum of 3000 spectators equipped with the highest technical standards. It has been designed as a flexible space able to be adapted into various different functions and capacities. There are two further theatres each that can sit 150 and 300 people respectively. As a result, the new building is a place not only for artistic performance but one which can support numerous other events. Local and cultural references have been utilized to make the building have a solid reference to Constantine, a city with strong character and rich history.

Constantine Exhibition Centre / PTW Architects


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