Privacy Policy

Approval Overview

archiDATUM Llc as a limited liability company reserves the right to how information on its website is accessed and the protection of our users’ right and privileges as determined in the laws and regulations of the relevant country, state or county (region).


We at archiDATUM strive to treat your information with the utmost privacy and the information you provide us with protection rights. We have created a privacy policy through careful consideration to explain the kind of information that we may want you the user to provide us with, how we will use that information and under what circumstances we may disclose that information to third party links and entities. Note that this privacy policy only applies within this website and its mother URLs. Any URLs leading outside the website are not our jurisdiction. This is a general engagement document in our website and at any point should we decide to collect any information in a different way than stated in this document, then you shall be notified through our official communication channels by post or email at . If you have any information or would have any queries please inform us at  or . Users will have a choice of whether to agree or decline prior to the use of their personally identifiable information. This privacy policy is dynamic with the change in needs and conditions of security in online circles and changes. It may as such be revised from time to time and any changes will come into effect immediately with the posting of the new privacy policy. You should review these terms of use and privacy policy documents regularly for up to date terms on how to use the website and information provision in the website.

  1. Direct Vs. Indirect Personal Information

Our website handles information in two main categories: We take your personally identifiable information inclusive of your main contact information like addresses, names and phone numbers. Note that we only do this upon your request and submission of the same. Such information that we may require from you upon request may be your name, your phone number, your shipping/location address, credit card number in line with our online business transactions as our shop, your age, gender, usage frequency within our website(poll participation scenarios. It is your sole purpose and choice to provide us with your information and archiDATUM can only accept such information if it comes from the user. Please note that such kind of personally identifiable information is required in most interactions of the website use as it allows access to certain content and allows us to better monitor our website. Our website may also take your non-personal information. This is information that is not specific to you the user but the general public. It may be provided through our network monitors or through surveys that we carry out now and then. It may include among other things, IP addresses, browser types, traffic origin, operating systems in use, search terms and favorite links. This allows us to customize your use of our website.

  1. Modes Of Information Use By archiDATUM

Our website generally carries out the collection of our personally identifiable information and non-personal information to be able to respond to inquiries within the website, to better respond to your needs, and any other ways that may arise for collection of such kind of information on other situations we may provide you information to third party links and entities like banks to be able to process your orders e.g. credit card processing, data analysis by data handlers etc. on such occasions we assure the user that we will use this information in the way it is intended and that our policy extends to our third party entities and associations and that such information will be provided to the third party retailer only under permission form you the user or as stipulated within our terms of use and privacy policy. In the event that the information is provided to third party links for research and data analysis, please note that the final information shall be aggregate and that it will not represent a solitary entity as in you the user.

  1. Alternative Information Use

Our website will also be involved in monitoring our networks and in that the internet protocol number sets that you use. An IP address is (Wikipedia source) the numerical label assigned to each device (computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the internet protocol for communication. This will generally serve the purposes of identifying and locating addresses and also for hosting. When users request for pages, our servers will log in their protocols and as such we collect this information for system management purposes and website tracking. It is not in our interest to link the IP addresses to individual personal identifiable numbers unless it is in our interests to do so. Such cases may include but not limited to:

 1. A fulfillment of the relevant government’s request or authority or legal process in a court of law
 2. Protection of our legal rights and copyrights of our website, our users, licensors, and information owners etc.
 3. Emergency situations like health and safety of our website’s users e.g. a kidnapping situation.

 System Customization. We engage in data backing that make it easier for you to use our website. Such include use of cookies. Cookies are also known as http cookie, web cookie or browser cookie which are a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser while a user is browsing a website such that when the user browses the same website in the future, the data stored in the cookie can be retrieved by the website to notify the website of the user’s previous activity (source Wikipedia). Please note that the cookies themselves do not include personally identifiable information but we may analyze such data with our technical team to provide analysis of your data to certain third parties who may in turn use the information to customize such elements like advertisements that are tailored to you the user on a personal level. The third party links (advertisers) may also use their own cookies for such purposes and that with that, then thee regulations are left to the advertiser’s privacy policy and not our privacy policy. If you are weary of the storage of such cookies, then you may disable the use of cookies especially in public computers and also you may delete the cookies form your web browser. However such disabling of cookies my in turn disable certain functions of the website.

Data Backup. Please note that from time to time we may need to save your emails and comments within our website for quality assurance and as such may obtain your email address and contact addresses. We may also opt to use this data material to later connect with you for a variety of reasons, such as customer service, providing you promotional information for our products or those of our parent company, subsidiaries or other affiliated companies (“affiliated companies”), or to communicate with you about content or other information you have posted or shared with us via our Website. This may help us in contacting you for feedback or to reply to your questions. We are however in limit of the information that we can request from you and as such we do not request for bank account information, any passwords whatsoever, social security numbers and pin numbers. Please also note that any communication from us will be made officially through our channels and email addresses with the domain name archiDATUM i.e. and no other domain name. Please note that when subscribing into our services then we will be able to store your information for further dealings with you. You may unsubscribe from any of our services by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of most of our email correspondence with you.

Mergers and takeovers. Please note that as a business we have expansion plans and also are at risks from the markets. Should the website subsidiary or archiDATUM be acquired or mergers take place, then we have in place means of ensuring the privacy policy that you subscribed to is maintained or in the eventuality of a complete overhaul, then that they are reasonably tailored to your preferences by the acquiring entity. Also in the case of bankruptcy, then all such information will be considered as our assets and sold or transferred to third parties. Please note also that incase of lawful investigations, then we are allowed to provide your information to the relevant authorities if required to do so. This is inclusive of personally identifiable information like your name, location and addresses, physical and shipping and also your non-personal information like how frequently you visit our website. Such may occur but are not limited to the following scenarios:

1. A fulfillment of the relevant government’s request or authority or legal process in a court of law
2. Protection of our legal rights and copyrights of our website, our users, licensors, and information owners etc.
3. Emergency situations like health and safety of our website’s users e.g. a kidnapping situation.

 Information Provision To Public Settings
archiDATUM website offers public forums where you the user and other users are allowed to communicate. This is inclusive of chat rooms, bulletin boards, message boards in comment areas. Should you the user provide your personally identifiable information or otherwise in such public forums, then the protections in this privacy policy are null and void. We may additionally use the information you provide us like your name and your image to identify you with your postings in such forums. We are therefore not responsible for any information you chose to share with other users or third parties in this website or third party websites.

  1. Age Limit

While every effort is pursued to make our website safe and sound, we have maintained an age limit where persons under the age of 14 are not allowed within this privacy policy to provide personally identifiable information. Parents and guardians of persons under the age of 14 may request a deletion of such accounts on request to . Also parents and guardians of the same may request for personally identifiable information provided by the relevant minor on request from the legal department.

  1. Security and Quality Assurance

archiDATUM’s policy covers the loss, exploitation and change of the information under our control. While all efforts are employed to protect your personal information and privacy, we cannot fully guarantee the security of all the information that you provide us online due to unforeseeable circumstances. In the event of an unfortunate leak, destruction, theft, unintentional disclosure of your personal information to third party links, as prescribed in the necessary law, we may notify you by email as soon as is applicably possible and at our ultimate choice of timing or decision to the last information link that you provided us with(last email address). Please note that there may be delays arising from such situations with attempts to fix the situation and measure the scope of damage and follow ups with relevant law enforcement authorities should the situation necessitate. We however try to evaluate our security systems to update them to current standards.

Third Party Associations
Our website is associated with a lot of third party websites and as such we will not be liable for any privacy policy breaches once you leave our website to a third party website. Advertisements and banner info from third party websites and links should be carefully considered with a thorough read of the third party website privacy policy before use.

  1. Queries and Necessary Changes

Please feel free to contact us at  should you wish to withdraw our right to your information or unsubscribe from archiDATUM’s newsletters or delete your account with us. We will endeavor to respond to you and process your request as soon as is reasonably possible and reasonably.