• Riviera Apartments / Domaine Public Architects

Architects: Domaine Public Architects  
Location: Abidjan,  Ivory Coast
Interior Décor: Domaine Public Architects
Project Year: 2014
Photographer: Sergio Mereces

Area: 50,000sqm

The Riviera apartments mark a fresh look at the parti of residential design at a massive scale. It looks at reorganizing the riviera neighborhood into a small urban community that follows a public utility versus private spaces, all within the same economic scale and axis. It reveals a rather innate look at the process of apartment planning and the incorporation of gardens within the space further drives up the market value of the project.

From the Project Architects

The construction of a new bridge heralds a new "transformative" era for the low density Riviera neighborhood in Abidjan, mainly consisting of embassies and two story homes. In anticipation of improved accessibility, planning started for the largest scale residential development in the area.

Government issued derogation allowed the developers a tenfold increase in total built-up area. While the financial benefits are evident, preferential zoning now allows for the highest density ratio in the entire Riviera neighborhood. 

To allow the integration of the project within its surrounding context, the project follows a tripartite division: a public and transparent ground floor, two floors as a solid and private base for the upper four floors of varied residential typologies.

The floor plan offers maximum flexibility to ensure a variety of housing unit types. As an alternative to developer’s standardized repetitive floor typology, a variation of units are developed. The facade reflects the variation in typology that caters to different tenants, their needs and their choice of units. The expression of each unit allows the project despite its size, to maintain a human scale. 

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