Want to be a Starchitect? Come, Sit Down and Listen

As architects we are all speculators, admirers of the greater of us, the ones that make the rest of us look bad. The Starchitects. They are the ones with all the answers, the pristine, wrapped up in magic adorned solutions to simple problems and complex ones. Whilst they seem more connected than ever to the architectural profession, the rest of us seem more atomized and dislocated than ever. Th...

Architecture Made In Africa: Unpublished Or Non- Existent?

Where are the award winning projects done by Architects trained in the continent? Do we have to get a masters degree from the west to do this? Is it that great works of architecture by architects trained in Africa are not well published or covered by media? Or the works can’t just make it to the media. 

Who Cares For Non Showy Architecture?

What makes architecture great? Is it in the art pieces, visually appealing forms or the experiences and quality of the spaces thus created that may not strike one at first glance? Is it a balance of both, if there is any?  Are designers concentrating too much on the face value of Architecture and abandoning its very core?