Rwanda Cricket Stadium / Light Earth Designs

The RCSF is not only building a future for Cricket in Rwanda, but is facilitating reconciliation, and the rebuilding of communities through the essential values of cricket. Light Earth Designs- an integrated architectural and structural consultancy specialized in sustainable technologies and communities- takes us through the design of the first dedicated international cricket ground in Rwanda. ...

Nike Football Training Centre Soweto / RUF Project + Nike Global Football

Cities are living organisms- without the right cultivation, they wither and die. Architecture has the power to stitch individuals into a community and energize forgotten corners of our urban fabric. Nike football in conjunction with RUFproject and MMA architects have designed and built an architectural solution to the urban problem present in Soweto, and has shown its potential as a tool for en...

Concorde Kintélé Sports Complex/ PTW Architects

The New Kintélé SportsComplex located in Kintélé; 20km from the capital city Brazzaville was built by a Chinese Company. The sports complex replaced former farmlands and covers over 80 hectares.

University Campus Denis Sassou Nguesso/ IAD

There is a boom in the construction Industry in the Republic of Congo due to the interest given by international investors and the prospects of economic development: the country looks to the future and plans for a full industrialization by 2025. One such Development is a modern polytechnic Universitylocated in Kintele, on the northern edge of Brazzaville along the river Congo, which will includ...

In Africa: Architecture Society of China_Part I

For many on the continent, the term ‘made in China’ strikes a raw nerve to the extent of dismissal and irrational repulsion. Yet we have seen a myriad of genuine and ingenious products from their automotive industry to handheld gadgets in our pockets. 

Mama Sarah Foundation School/Kere Architecture

Mama Sarah Obama’s vision is to create a “cycle of life” that encompasses an early childhood education centre, a primary and secondary school, a medical centre and a vocational training centre.