Emergency Medical Housing Compound / Studio Tam Associati

Looking at the amount of discarded containers laying around the building site of the Salam Centre we had this simple idea: to use them again in order to realize the required international staff housing compound.

Gota Dam Residence / Sforza Seilern Architects

Sforza Seilern Architects, an artistic collaboration between Studio Seilern Architects and Muzia Sforza, completed their first African project:  a house on a rock.  The 1500sqm building is situated atop a granite rock overlooking a large man-made dam, or reservoir for the extensive surrounding farmland. The area is, to say the least, breathtaking and awe-inspiring, and deserved a piece of archi...

Technology School of Laayoune/ Driss Ketani, Saad El Kabbaj & Mohamed Amine Siana

The project of the School of Laayoune Technology is part of the policy of decentralization of educational centers in different regions of Morocco and responds to a request from local graduates. The program is built around lessons spaces (classrooms, TP, amphitheater), documentation, administrative, educational and services like workshops and staff accommodation 

Mahiga Rain Water Court / Dick Clark Architecture + Architecture for Humanity

How can a tree inspire a project? A local of Mahiga, Nyeri county Kenya wanted to plant a tree in the school his child attended, the school needed water to allow the tree to grow, but more importantly to provide clean drinking water to his students. The success of focused learning is through content children, by providing safe clean water to students equates to safe access to sanitation thus pr...

Vodafone Site Solution Innovation Centre SSIC / GLH Architects

Vodafone Site Solution Innovation Centre (SSIC) is the first 6 Star Green Star SA accredited building in South Africa, the equivalent of a LEED Platinum status. The SSIC is a sustainable living building envisaged as a functioning showcase for innovative techniques and design for construction, electrical, mechanical, and wet services. The building is the international hub for developing innovati...

Botswana Innovation Hub/ SHoP Architects

The Land of Giants is about to welcome another titan. Now with an ambitious building that blends with the earth in a dynamic, futuristic architectural style, it is set to attract international organizations with the country’s first LEED certified building in the outskirts of Gabarone.

Archi Porn: The Soulless Playback That is Architecture Today

We are daily blitzed by pictures of beautiful manner, images from highly professional architectural photographers and 3D visual artists of designs and concepts from architects and urban designers.

The CAD Enigma: The Backlash Within Architecture in Africa

Computer Aided Design is an influence that has been flung into every design spectrum through the years culminating in unprecedented levels of heralded growth and advancements in design. Architectural styles of architects like Thomas Hetherwick and Thomas Mayne  may have been an impossible fete without such unprecedented technological savoir faire and as such CAD amid a world so keen to outdo it...