Tabanlioglu Architects Releases Plans for Marrakech Congress Center

Tabanlioglu Architects have released plans for the new Marrakech Congress Centre in Morocco in a design that continues with the firm's tradition of pattern based architecture. The design follows an authentic ideology of incorporating culture and identity into the busy city, southwest of Rabat. Living Culture Marrakesh is a major city of Morocco. It is the fourth largest city in the country, aft...

Warka Water/ Architecture and Vision - Arturo Vittori

“WarkaWater is designed to provide clean water as well as ensure long-term environmental, financial and social sustainability,” Says the Architect. “Once locals have the necessary know how, they will be able to teach other villages and communities to build the WarkaWater towers.” Each tower costs approximately $550 and can be built in under a week with a four person team and locally available m...

Constantine Exhibition Centre / PTW Architects

Africa is rising, from a slow economic downturn to a possible intimation in coming years and what better way to express that than through architecture. Algeria is preparing itself for a subtle move into one of the preeminent exhibition venues within the continent with PTW in joint venture with CCDI recently winning the second stage of a competition in Algeria to design and document the first st...

Mama Sarah Foundation School/Kere Architecture

Mama Sarah Obama’s vision is to create a “cycle of life” that encompasses an early childhood education centre, a primary and secondary school, a medical centre and a vocational training centre.

Makoko Floating School/ NLÉ

The Makoko Floating School is movable 'building' or 'watercraft' currently located in the aquatic community of Makoko. It is a floating structure that adapts to the tidal changes and varying water levels, making it invulnerable to flooding and storm surges. It is designed to use renewable energy, to recycle organic waste and to harvest rainwater.