University Campus Denis Sassou Nguesso/ IAD

There is a boom in the construction Industry in the Republic of Congo due to the interest given by international investors and the prospects of economic development: the country looks to the future and plans for a full industrialization by 2025. One such Development is a modern polytechnic Universitylocated in Kintele, on the northern edge of Brazzaville along the river Congo, which will includ...

School Brousse-Besely/ Jean-Paul Viguier & Associates

When Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés, Unibail-Rodamco and Eiffage Construction were designing the new generation Majunga Tower in La Défense, Madagascar they committed to support the associations Schools of the World and Children World to construct a school in Besely, Madagascar, a bush village of 543,000 inhabitants located in the Mahajanga region of northwestern Madagascar.

The Technology School of Guelmim/ Saad El Kabbaj, Driss Kettani, Mohamed Amine Siana

The Technology School of Guelmim in Morocco is part of the development of academic institutions in the Southern regions of Morocco. The School development comprises of an amphitheatre, classrooms, workshops, TP rooms, administration buildings, library, lecturer’s offices and staff accommodation. The architects’ concept was to provide a contemporary and modern design which was inspired by its co...

Jarred Pincus and the Fortress of Faith: Architecture as a Religious Mediator

Whether with a resolved architectural identity or an analogous mood that simply seeks to express an idea, architecture has been bequeathed with a mandate that exposes the stark social modernity vis a vis the chaos that punctuate our everyday lives. How can we then as designers navigate and solve the seemingly harsh overtones and critical scrutiny that we have subjected ourselves to and with the...

Adeline Gruber on Translating the Man Made : An underwater Observatory on the Shoreline of Lake Malawi

There is something about the portion placed in a designer’s mind that elicit a problem solving approach, a sort of social dynamics that though conjoint within many a man, seems well kept at bay from the majority of them. Adeline Gruber’s attempt at translating the man-made, connecting the realm of nature and the possibilities of man at the shores of Lake Malawi touch at the very epitome of soci...

Dennis Mukuba And The Unbowed Hues of Justice: Meru Judicial Law Courts

Following the Chief Justice word on the need for more spaces and built forms for justice through long term plans of building High Court in each of the new counties defined by the constitution this final year Architecture student at the university of Nairobi decided to come with a court in Meru county that incorporates all the tenents of the modern court but also respects and borrows heavily fro...

George Yagomba And A Sail Across Diplomacy: Parliament Of South Sudan

Parliaments are symbols of the aspirations of nations. It is a fusion of tradition (authentic, organic, emotional, and symbolic) and modernization (highly functional, iconic, unifying, and environmentally conscious). Such are the words of the student architect that is the author of this work, an iconic parliament in South Sudan that des well to remind you of just how rich the African architectu...

Msafiri Mwazighe And The White Fields Of Sustainability: Swahili Cultural Centre

The project is a contemporary approach at modernizing the coastal region and still maintaining the tenets of Swahili architecture. This approach to maintaining the doctrines of Swahili Architecture are however not the main focus in the project as the more dominant project element has been on reacting to climate change within the Coastal region. The design has succeeded in propagating the Swahil...

Kwame Nkrumah Presidential Library/ Mario Cucinella Architects

The Kwame Nkrumah Presidential Library was born from the dream of Samia Nkrumah, the daughter of a political leader Kwame Nkrumah who led Ghana to independence in 1957, and is now leading the political movement of the father Convention people’s party.

Architecture Students: Be Competitive Through Travel

Everyone can agree that today’s world is more competitive than ever before. A glance at Kenya’s business sector, you will see how many foreigners are involved in investments from Nairobi to Turkana to Kisumu. This shows that they have belief in value of what they have seen…and something big always starts by believing.

Mzamomtsha Primary School/ SAOTA

The Mzamomtsha project from SAOTA is a fresh take on the relationship built between a community and their school building. Located in Driftsands, it branches out and improves on the design brief and style of schools which was previously dictated by the Department of Education and Training in Pretoria.

Urban Environment: Engaging Through Travel

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page… Earnest Hemingway.