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The website and all data included in it, which is inclusive of all write up(text in prose or short notes, any images, softwares, scripts, pictures, photos, illustrations, drawings, technical data, music, video recordings, graphics, information, content, materials, services, URLs, interactive features and all general documentations which make up the entire website in summary and all copyrighted information whether stated or not, owned by us or our information providing partners, or both (INCLUSIVE OF ALL ORIGINAL WORKS OR EDITED THEREOF) are fully and solely owned by us or our official providers through legal measures. Additionally any trademarks or phrases or slogans thereof copyrighted or tagged are owned by us, or our information providers or both. Except for the use of which is explained in these document, any use of information content within this website is prohibited. Any rights not expressly granted in these Terms of Use are expressly reserved.

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All engagements within the website and all information is provided for your personal use and limited to that. Any commercial use inclusive but not limited to third party broadcasting and sale of the content on archiDATUM is prohibited. Your use of this website states your compliance to the state laws of Kenya or your respective country, the county laws and council laws. It is of imperative importance that but for the purposes and terms expressed in this terms of use that you do not engage in the replication, dispensation, modification and creation of derivatives works based on information in this website, public exhibition or enactment, publishing, transmission, or otherwise any attempts of website exploitation without prior written consent from the archiDATUM team or in case of third parties, from the respective owners of the content. archiDATUM may grant the downloading or printing of its content in certain special cases and only once per content and with this you accept that you do not own the content and therefore is only for personal library or educational purposes and not for commercial use of any kind expressed in kind or in passing in this term of use.

In addition, except as expressively explained in this terms of use and granted, you may NOT:

(A) Bypass, deactivate or maliciously hack into the website and meddle with any security related features that prevent the ability of such functions as copying or retrieving information within the website to obtain the content in it for personal or commercial gain;

(B) Use the website for advertising purposes without the prior written consent of the archiDATUM team;

(C). Change, misrepresent, falsify or cover any information present on this website, any rights notices provided by this website or any content in it.

(D) Use the website as a personal soliciting front for convincing members to join other social sites without the prior written permission of the archiDATUM team;

(E) Attempt to use any foreign scripts, softwares or bots and spiders to monitor the workings of the website and/or scrape information from archiDATUM. Notwithstanding the foregoing, archiDATUM only grants such privileges to search engine operators for the sole purpose of copying Website Content from the website to build up indexes of the website content. We reserve the right to revoke these privileges at any moment without prior notice;

(F) Infringe on people’s privacy by collecting personal identity information including but not limited user names, passwords, email addresses and profile picture references:

(G) Use the website as a personal soliciting front for convincing members to join other social sites without the prior written permission of the archiDATUM team;

(H) Attempt to interfere with the mechanisms of how the website works and all its machinations by hacking mechanisms and external linkages that will determine the design of or extract usage data from the website through network monitoring software;

(I) Attempt to replicate the website format and design in any way into a secondary or third party website;\n(J) Cross reference the information on archiDATUM in a third party website without the written permission of archiDATUM team;

(K) Dismantle, replan, or undo any portion of any the Website;

(L) Engage in criminal activity within the relevant state, county or region of use or impersonate another user, person, or entity which is includes but is not limited to login in with an account that belongs to another user AND violate the country’s commerce or trade laws and acts pertinent to administration of commerce and trade;\n

(M) Involve themselves in activities that may restrict the use of the website by other users\n3. You agree to help archiDATUM with efforts to help stop a breach in these terms of use upon request. You also agree to inform archiDATUM of attempts that breach the terms under this document

Website Association

We hereby grant you a non-exclusive license that is limited and revocable at our discretion, for you to use the website’s links on any personal website that is not in direct competition with our website and does not hinder or harm the operations of archiDATUM in any way in terms of reputation, popularity or financial matters so long as the website is in law with the country’s legal system and doesn’t defame archiDATUM in anyway. These rights are inclusive of but not limited to site links that do not:

(A) Abuse, stalk, defame, frame, blackmail, threaten, rights of privacy, publicity, copyright rights or any other rights in that matter,

(B) Violate the meaning of our tasks by involving archiDATUM in profane, illicit, immoral, obscene, illegal/unlawful posts, defamatory or unwarranted publicity means within these said websites and/or links as such a link is not be tolerated/endorsed by us in any way. All rights and actions to such are expressively reserved.

Website Data Inclusive But Not Limited To Third Party Associations

(A) archiDATUM provides information on this websites for promotional, educational and entertainment purposes only. We cannot fully authenticate the accuracy of any information posted on our website and it is up to the user to fully research on the subject matter from without the website for the correct and accurate information. As such archiDATUM reserves the right of omission and commission of any information and is absent from liabilities of errors within the websites.

(B) archiDATUM does not reserve the right to be involved in disputes between two or more members using the website. Any disputes between the users of this websites within or without the websites will be solely solved or arbitrated without the involvement of archiDATUM. All directors, employees, sponsors, advertisers, solicitors and affiliates of archiDATUM are removed from any such disputes and archiDATUM is not warranted to be involved in any way necessary.

(C) archiDATUM is only limited in right within the site, any third party links cannot be guaranteed in accuracy or delivery by us and as such users of archiDATUM are advised to be careful with third party links. archiDATUM will not be liable for any losses, injury or harm that befalls any user of archiDATUM as a result of archDATUM’s third party links.

(D) Only archiDATUM reserves the right to represent opinions and judgments within the website and only authorized employees or spokespersons of archiDATUM are allowed to hold valid and binding information within the website and only within their official capacity. Any third party opinions and information, notices and rights may not be accurate, timely, reliable and complete and hence are not endorsed by us as totally accurate unless expressively stated and endorsed by us in writing.