Black Rhino Academy / NLE Works

The Black Rhino Academy is a proposed primary and secondary boarding school located in Karatu, Tanzania. The 7 hectare hilly site is situated just outside of the Ngorongoro Crater conservation area, surrounded by rich natural vegetation and abundant wildlife.

4th Mainland Bridge & Masterplan / NLE Works

To reduce this pressure, we propose an operation – the 4th Mainland Bridge. The operation will be the insertion of a bypass; a bridge within the body of Lagos. In addition to this bridge, we also propose a new heart to support the bridge. This ‘new bridge and new heart’ in the body of Lagos will not be typical infrastructure; they will connect people in large numbers and improve their natural f...

Bloomsbury Waterfront Development/ NLé Works

The project is a premium office space that maximises the great views across the city’s waterfront within a strategic site plan that incorporates a green landscape and ground parking surrounded by a see-through boundary wall. Characterised by a white solid high thermal mass structure which reflects heat away from the building, and punctured with large irregular openings that allow for natural li...

Makoko Floating School/ NLÉ

The Makoko Floating School is movable 'building' or 'watercraft' currently located in the aquatic community of Makoko. It is a floating structure that adapts to the tidal changes and varying water levels, making it invulnerable to flooding and storm surges. It is designed to use renewable energy, to recycle organic waste and to harvest rainwater.