• The Cities of Cogo & Corisco Master Plans / Page Think Architects

Architects: Page Think Architects  
Location: Cogo and Corisco,  Equatorial Guinea
Project Year: 2014
Photographer: Page Think Architects
Website: www.pagethink.com

The influence of high modernism and revolutionary schemes to complement growing economies and cities remains a contested issue. Being particularly of concern to fast developing countries and the impact of modernism to societies with rich local traditions and norms, designers cannot shy away from making their contributions to these debate.

The Cities of Cogo & Corisco Master Plans / Page Think Architects

Drawing master plans and re-envisioning their cities now and in their projected future is one way architects assert themselves and continue to remain relevant in such urban debates. Page is one such designer. 

The Cities of Cogo & Corisco Master Plans / Page Think Architects

From the Architect:
The Cogo-Corisco Master Plan provides a logical and efficient design to accommodate the complex of buildings, developments and functions that comprise the president’s vision for the future destination. The plan successfully meets the challenge of creating density and addressing its relationship to the water’s edge. The Cogo-Corisco area is essentially midway between Southern Europe and Capetown, South Africa. 

The Cities of Cogo & Corisco Master Plans / Page Think Architects

A development such as the one planned would create a new African destination, especially for cruise ships. This initial concept grew into a more comprehensive and grand vision for Cogo and its neighbor, the island of Corisco. Page designed a conceptual master plan that would create a commercial center and a major tourist destination, attracting commerce and visitors to the area and, in turn, providing business opportunities for the community.


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