• Manuel Herz wins Tambacounda Hospital Project in Senegal

Architects: Manuel Herz Architects  
Location: Tambacounda,  Senegal
Project Team: Manuel Herz, Moussa Belkacem, Penny Alevizou Client Representative: Matthias Persson
Interior Décor: Manuel Herz Architects
Project Year: 2018
Photographer: Play-Time
Website: www.manuelherz.com

Total Floor Area: ca. 3.000 qm
Construction Start: Autumn 2018

From the Architect
Tambacounda Hospital is the only hospital in a large region of eastern Senegal. It serves the 100,000 inhabitants of the city of Tambacounda - declared the hottest metropolis on the planet - and more than a million people from the surrounding region and Mali, whose border is about an hour and a half away.  

Manuel Herz wins Tambacounda Hospital Project in Senegal

The new maternity and pediatric clinic at Tambacounda Hospital is a two-storey, curvilinear building. It combines the two clinics - pediatrics and maternity - in the same building. It is located to the north of the existing pediatric clinic and revolves around it, then changes direction to create a new, semi-closed, north-facing courtyard.

Manuel Herz wins Tambacounda Hospital Project in Senegal

The curvilinear layout creates a building with sensual quality while ensuring that almost no trees need to be cut for its construction.

Manuel Herz wins Tambacounda Hospital Project in Senegal

On the ground floor are the main parts of the maternity ward and the operations unit. One floor higher, we find the remaining rooms of the patients of the maternity and the pediatric clinic.

Manuel Herz wins Tambacounda Hospital Project in Senegal

The existing building of the former pediatric clinic will be converted into a home, office, and consultation space for both clinics. The existing building is connected to the new building by a short covered walkway.

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